headspace day - Monday 9 October 2017 #headspaceday - Share your personal mental health tip
Supporting the 1 in 4 young Australians experiencing mental health issues.

headspace day is a national day of support for the mental health and wellbeing of all young Australians.

On this day we acknowledge that life has its challenges but young people are resilient, and with the right support and tools they can build and manage their mental health and wellbeing.

This year, we want to encourage young Australians to learn some simple tips to help them maintain a healthy headspace.

We are using mindful colouring to bring our 7 tips for a healthy headspace to life in communities all over Australia, and we are encouraging people to share the small things they do to support their mental health.

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Build close and connected relationships

Feeling connected to others is an essential part of being human. Spending time with friends, family and people in your community can really strengthen your mental health and wellbeing. learn more

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Eat well

There is a strong link between what we eat and how we feel. A poor diet can make you feel sluggish and increase symptoms of anxiety. But staying hydrated and having a healthy diet can actually improve mental health. learn more

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Get enough sleep

Sleep improves your mood, sharpens your concentration and increases resilience. Reducing things that keep you from restful sleep – like noise or light – will help you improve your sleep. learn more

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Cut back on alcohol and other drugs

Curbing the amount of alcohol and other drugs that you use will you manage your emotions better and improve your wellbeing. learn more

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Stay active

Stating active can help you to sleep better, manage stress and boost your mood. Find a way to keep active that you enjoy and incorporate this into your regular routine. learn more

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Get into life and do stuff that’s important to you

Keep doing the stuff you love to do and the things that are important to you. It can help keep the fun in your life, give you a sense of accomplishment and purpose. learn more

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Learn new ways to handle tough times

There are a lot of different strategies that help manage difficult thoughts and feelings. Things like meditation, a digital detox or listening to music are just a few ways that can help you handle challenging times. learn more

Get involved in headspace day 2018

headspace day takes place on Thursday 11 October 2018 as part of National Mental Health Week.

On headspace day we are asking all Australians to ‘Add a little colour to your day: Put your mental health in the picture’ and share different ways to maintain a healthy headspace.

You can get involved and show your support:

  1. Simply Download the illustration of your favourite tip. Colour it in and share it on social media using #headspaceday


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About headspace

headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, provides early intervention services to 12-25 year olds.

headspace offers a youth-friendly service that supports young people experiencing mental health difficulties to get back on track. headspace has a network of over 106 centres across metropolitan, regional and rural areas of Australia, in addition to a comprehensive phone and online chat service called eheadspace.

Over the past decade, headspace has provided more than 446,000 young people with mental health services, which equates to close to 2.5 million services in person, online or over the phone.

To find out more about headspace, please visit www.headspace.org.au

young people

have sought help through our
centres and through eheadspace.

Nearly 2.5 million
services provided

either in person, online or
over the phone.

Young people can access headspace services, no matter where they live in Australia. They can seek help through:

106 centres

across Australia

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by phone and online consultation services

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