headspace day
Tuesday 11 October 2016
Because every young person should have access to mental health services.

What is headspace day?

In support of young people with mental health issues, headspace day is a national day of awareness aimed at ensuring every young person in Australia has access to mental health services no matter where they live.

headspace day will be symbolised by Access All Areas wristbands that will be worn by thousands of people across the country on Tuesday 11 October.

Get involved - wear a wristband, show your support on social media or make a donation.

Real stories from real people

It can take a lot of courage to access help for a mental health issue. Read these
inspirational stories from young people who have accessed services from headspace,
or who have supported their friends and family in accessing help.


I was quite proud of myself for making the decision to access help. I also felt quite relieved and grateful that I was able to work with a member of the youth access clinician team who facilitated a space where I felt comfortable unraveling the angst I held in regards to all aspects of my life.

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I hadn’t spoken to anyone about how I was feeling in years until I walked into a headspace center and asked to talk to someone. A few of weeks later I was talking to a nurse at headspace. I told her about what I had been struggling with, and I was so relieved to hear that she understood. She didn’t judge me – she listened to me and she understood that I was experiencing something really tough and scary. And she offered to help.

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It was extremely important for me to access headspace in this way. I feel good about being able to help others, I have met many like-minded people, I have met others with my diagnosis, I have learned a lot and I have developed skills. All of these things have also helped my mental health, and have been very positive for me.

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Trent, 24

I finally felt empowered, sitting in a counselling session where you were given control over all your treatment and everything you wanted to say.

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It took me a while to learn out how to esteem myself, but I find sharing my story to be very rewarding. I’m not ashamed to talk about my history of depression and addiction because I hope it will make it a little easier for others to share what’s going on for them. The more we all share our stories, the more it helps to break down the stigma that prevented me from reaching out as a teenager. And I really encourage everyone to reach out as a first resort rather than a last resort. I used to suffer from depression. I don’t know if I’m cured, but I’m certainly not suffering today.

Read Matthew's full story  

About headspace

headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds. Each year, a quarter of all young Australians will experience mental health issues and we want them to know that headspace is here to help.

To find out more about headspace, please visit www.headspace.org.au

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Young people can access headspace services, no matter where they live in Australia. They can seek help through:

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